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The Pivot is lever-drive system that can be mounted on most pushrim wheelchairs.

The lever-drive system consists of two wheels with an internal hub, two levers with 5 speeds and two attachment clamps with a quick release mechanism. The two levers move independently.

The levers are dual power stroke forward drive, and single power stroke reverse drive. Changing from forward to reverse to neutral can be done by changing the position of the direction switch on the lever handle.

The 5 speeds are changed by moving the gear handle slightly inwards and then vertically up or down. When in neutral gear, the pushrims can be used for propulsion.

The Pivot adds 6.5 kg to the weight of the wheelchair.

The Pivot adds 1 cm on average to the width of the wheelchair.

The brake is activated by moving the lever inwards with the wrist (see picture).

handlebar is accomplished by applying force to one lever while applying the brake on the other side.

The length of the lever can be adapted.

The Pivot requires periodic maintenance that is similar to standard bicycle maintenance.

The Pivot is designed to relieve overstressed joints and tendons of the shoulder and wrist of pushrim users. Compared to the pushrim, the use of the Pivot is less stressing for the shoulder and wrists. People with painful and overstressed wrists and shoulders don’t have to change from pushrim to electric wheelchair anymore. They can stay active using the Pivot.

The Pivot enables a very efficient power transfer from muscle to mobility and can be used to slow down the degeneration of muscle and neuron tissue of MS, Parkinson, muscle-diseased patients and help (partly) to regenerate the neural functions of patients with CVA, Polio Myelitis, Poly Neuropathie, Plexus Leasis.

The Pivot can also be used by Softenon patients or people with amputated limbs/extremities to improve their mobility.

Academic research shows higher muscle-energy transfer efficiency for lever drive systems than for pushrims.

The Pivot vs. the Competition

The following lever drive wheelchairs are commercially available:

  1. Handmaster from MyCycle ( Ljubjana Slovenia

  2. Wijit from Superquad ( California USA

  3. Nu-drive from Pure Global ( England

  4. Hemilead van SMDW ( Brussel Belgium

Compared to the Pivot, all of these products offer less features.