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How the Dragonfly Can Help People With Specific Disabilities:

The Dragonfly is designed for outside use, and fit users can cover distances up to 20 km over flat terrain. The small turning radius of the Dragonfly makes indoor use possible as well in, for example, public buildings, shopping malls and rehabilitation homes.

The Dragonfly can be used by people with paraplegia, amputated legs, degenerative diseases (MS, muscle diseases and Parkinson’s disease), CV syndrome, Polio Myelitis, Poly Neuropathie, Plexus Leasis and Spina Bifida.

Using the Dragonfly. Health Benefits of Handcycle Propulsion:

Academic research has demonstrated the advantages of handcyle propulsion over pushrim propulsion on outside circuits. The superior biomechanics of handcycles and their higher mechanical efficiency means that handcycling is less strenuous and can be sustained for longer periods of time. In addition, the arms and shoulder joints are subject to less stress and the amount of energy required by the muscles is reduced.

The Dragonfly can be considered as a viable alternative to the electric scooter.

In contrast to a pushrim, using a hand crank can prevent injuries on the hands and fingers. The handcycle user’s hands are always in front of his/her chest, while the hands and fingers of the pushrim user are exposed to the cold, moisture, dirt and bacteria, and the direct impact of objects like door frames.