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Operating the Dragonfly:

Propulsion: To handcycle, simply rotate the hand crank. The crank sprocket drives the chain, which in turn rotates the 16 inch front wheel. The Dragonfly will coast if the user stops applying force to the crank. The pushrims must be used to move in reverse.

handlebar, braking and shifting gears: The Dragonfly handlebars just like a bicycle: turn the crank left (counter-clockwise) about the handlebar column to turn left, or right (clockwise) to turn right. The Dragonfly has a small turning radius because of its relatively small front wheel size and its wide 90 degree handlebar angle.

The Dragonfly is equipped with internal coaster brakes that are applied by rotating the crank backwards, and a handbrake that is mounted on the handlebar column. The Dragonfly has an 8-speed Shimano Nexus internal hub in the front wheel axle. The gears are shifted using the Shimano Revo Rapid Fire Shifter mounted on the handlebar column. The gear ratios are: 0.637, 0.741, 0.843, 0.989, 1.145, 1.335, 1.545.