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The Pivot has a dual power stroke mechanism: both pushing and pulling the levers results in forward motion. The two levers are not connected and move independently. In reverse gear, a single stroke (push motion) propels the wheelchair backwards. Any type and combination of strokes can be used: short or long, fast or slow, push and/or pull. The Pivot freewheels in neutral gear.

To move forward, both direction switches on the top of the handles should point inwards. To move in reverse, both direction switches should point outwards. To turn in place, one switch should point inwards and one switch should point outwards.

Neutral is engaged by setting both direction switches in the vertical position. In neutral, the levers can be stowed behind the user’s arms. This feature allows the pushrims to be used for propulsion, and ensures the unobstructed transfer to and from the chair.

Handlebar, braking and shifting gears: To move in a straight line, both levers are used simultaneously and with the same amount of force. By differentiating the amount of force applied to the two levers, a wide left or right turn can be made. To turn left, push harder on the right lever, while to turn right push harder on the left lever. To make a tight turn – for example to the right – push and pull the left lever, while braking with the right lever. It is also possible to turn in place by setting one lever in “forward” and the other lever in “reverse”.

By pushing the lever handle inward with the wrist, the brakes are applied (see picture/photo). The parking brake is engaged by pushing a button on the handle.

The Pivot has 5 forward speeds. Gear changes are made by pushing the gear handle (see picture/photo) slightly inward and then down for lower gearing and up for higher gearing. The gear ratio varies from 1.1:1 to 2.1:1 (hand motion to wheelchair motion). Because lever propulsion is at least 60 percent more efficient than pushrim propulsion, this means that attainable speeds and hill-climbing ability will increase considerably for most users.

The Pivot also has an anti-rollback feature for hills and inclines. This allows the user to rest as necessary without having to worry about preventing the wheelchair from rolling backwards.